Cakes, Cookies, & Pie... Oh My!

I'm not a professional baker but I am a girl with a Kitchen Aid Mixer and a sweet tooth. I believe that it's ok to eat cake after 9am and that you should always have unsalted butter stockpiled in the fridge. Check out all of my goodies and on the rare occasion, a recipe or two of actual food.

Holiday Crafts, Parties, & More!

I'm a lover of all things cute, handmade and love to entertain guests. I love to celebrate the seasons and truly believe that childhood magic never has to go away when you grow up. I am always creating, dreaming up my next BIG idea and trying new things. I am always busy doing something creative.

Traveling, Day Trips, & More!

The world is out there to discover! Whether it's a simple day trip 20 minutes away or insanely driving 5 hours to go shopping and come back home the same day; we never think twice about packing up the car and heading out. I invite you to come along on these adventures with us.

Chatterbugs, Friends, & More!

I have a best group of blogging friends that any girl could ask for. Most of us go way back to 2002 and have a deep rooted friendship. Check out our Chatterbug College, Blog Hops, Blogging Challenges and more We share, we laugh and most of all, we're there for each other. They're my best friends!

Learning Activities For Kids!

I enjoy teaching my son new things and I am always looking for fun and engaging activities that him and I can do together. Whether it be science projects, building towers or going nature walks, we do a lot together. The best part is; he just thinks we're having fun! Sometimes, I even learn something too!

Memory Keeping at its Finest!

I don't have many photos of my childhood and as a result, I have made it my mission to document my son's life. Whether it be through digital scrapbooking, photographing or even blogging, I am dedicated to documenting our lives. Looking for tips & hints? I've got you covered!