10 on Tuesday – My Favorites….

Summer 2016 Challenge: Day 15

The Weekend Housewife - Our Ferrets

I have been going through old photos lately and I came across some other goodies that I don’t think I have ever mentioned before. We had 2 ferrets in the first 6 years of our relationship: Bear (left) and Tigger (Right). They were the silliest and most cuddly fur babies ever! They both passed within months of each other in 2006 and are buried in our backyard. I would love to get another one, but we have enough pets already!

With today being Tuesday, I figured I would do another list of 10 with the focus being on my favorites…

1. My Favorite: MOVIE I have a lot of favorite movies depending on the genre. My favorite live action Disney movie is Mary Poppins and favorite animated is The Little Mermaid. My favorite Chick Flick is Sweet Home Alabama.

2. My Favorite: SONG Same thing, I have a lot of favorites but I think my most favorite is God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. (Bet you thought I would have picked a Monkees song, didn’t ya? lol)

3. My Favorite: FOOD I love pasta and it doesn’t matter what kind it is. So so so good!

4. My Favorite: TV SHOW Of course the Monkees are on this list and I Love Lucy too but for newer television, I really love Once Upon A Time.

5. My Favorite: VACATION/TRIP We have gone on quite a few vacations and I must say that my favorite was only a day trip to NYC for Christmas. Our most recent trip to Tennessee ranks up there though!

6. My Favorite: TIME OF DAY I really am a morning person. I love to get up fairly early and I am ready to start my day.

7. My Favorite: Color I love all things PINK but I have been finding myself really into Mint Green which is so so popular right now too.

8. My Favorite: Painter/Artist My all time favorite artist is Jackson Pollack. His work just amazes me. My second favorite artist is Claude Monet. I was lucky this past winter to visit the Albright Knox Art Museum and got to see his work in person. (They also have a Pollack there too!) So amazing!

9. My Favorite: FLOWER I would have to say that my favorite flower is the daisy but I have been finding that I am leaning towards peonies as a new favorite.

10. My Favorite: PHOTO (RIGHT NOW)

The Weekend Housewife - My Two Favorite Boys

I will be explaining the significance of this photo in a coming post. But lets just say that this was a sweetest homecoming ever.


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  1. Toni

    Hi Jules; Love your favorites list and especially your photo of your two loves. Precious homecoming moment to keep and cherish. Have a great day ahead my friend. 🙂

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