10 on Tuesday: Around Here

The Summer Challenge: Day 10

The Weekend Housewife - Flower Photography

1. We are trying to embrace the summer months, even though we have fall and spring-like days more often than not. While I am not complaining because summer and I do not get along, I would like to get outside and play more.

2. My garden beds are in serious need of being weeded, however the blossoms are still going strong. My delphiniums were ruined by a heavy rain storm a few weeks ago and most are dying because the stems were broken at the base. However some are surviving, so at least I get to enjoy them for a little longer. Can’t believe how huge this plant it this year!

3. Our veggie garden is pitiful this year. It’s probably the worst that it’s been in the 14 years we’ve done a garden. It’s just not getting enough heat, and is getting way too much water. If we get anything from it, I will be amazed.

The Weekend Housewife - Flower Photography

4. Shawn’s getting a little stir-crazy being at home with his grandma all day. It’s not that he’s being bad, he’s just gotten used to having a routine (he’s just like me!), seeing his friends, and getting out of the house more often, so he’s wound up!

5. I am struggling this summer to find a good routine as well. My boss allowed us to have summer hours, so we’re going in early and getting out early. Which is awesome because I have more time in the evening now to spend with Shawn and do other things. It’s just taking me awhile it get used to not having as much time in the morning. I know that by the end of summer I will have it down pat and then I will go back to my normal schedule. lol

The Weekend Housewife - The Summer Blog Challenge

6. Last night we played outside in the background (even though it was so muggy) and we brought out the large Styrofoam airplanes. Shawn was having a blast throwing them around. I think we now have 3 different sizes and the big one is probably his most favorite.

7.  My friend Eloise and I made plans to attend the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival next month. We’ve only been saying that we should go for years and we’re finally doing it. If you haven’t seen my post about Lucy, you have no idea how much I “love” Lucy!

8. I am finding this year’s summer blog challenge to be easier than last years challenge. I really do find it rewarding and plan on doing it each year.

The Weekend Housewife - The Summer Blog Challenge

9. We have been raising tadpoles for a couple months now. We’ve lost a bunch because of an accident but some of them are really growing. It will be neat to see how many actually make it to full sized frogs.

The Weekend Housewife - Raising Tadpoles

10. I am looking forward to this coming weekend because we don’t have anything really planned. It’s pretty rare for us to not have something going on and I need to savor it because August is busy with the county fairs, birthday parties, company picnics, and more.

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  1. Susan

    Hi Jules, I remember catching tadpoles. I would like to have a small garden someday. But first we need a house! 🙂 I hope you can go to the Lucille Ball comedy. We drive by the Arnaz-Ball country house every day now. They are planning on opening it up to the public next year.

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