A (Not So) Secret Addiction


The Weekend Housewife - Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Collection

Hi my name is Jules Stuart and I am proud to say that I have an addiction and this addiction is starting to take over my home. They reside in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in random drawers in various rooms. I can’t help the fact that I am addicted to cookbooks – I mean who can blame me for having close to *ahem* 80 books filled to the brim with yummy (and not so yummy) recipes. I am certainly not exaggerating either, I really do have that many books and most of which come from my favorite company – ever! Gooseberry Patch (They are only 2nd in line to Ben & Jerry’s – who doesn’t love ice cream? or maybe Michael’s Craft Store? or maybe…. ok, ok. So maybe it’s not my only favorite company but it’s pretty close to the very top!).

I have been a customer of theirs for nearly the past 12 years and within the past 1 1/2 years I began submitting my own recipes (and recipes given to me from friends & family) in hopes of being published in one of their books. I was pleased to hear from the staff at Gooseberry Patch telling me that I was going to have 2 recipes published in 2012! The first one was in their Simple Shortcut Recipes book and it came out in March (I got the book FREE for having a recipe published – this book gave my husband a headache. He was glad that I didn’t spend any money BUT that my ever expanding collection was growing – again.) My recipe was given to me from my next door neighbor during my bridal shower and is for a Peaches and Cream Cheese Crustless Pie. I was certainly beyond excited at seeing my name in print – I kept telling everyone that I was famous! lol I can’t wait for my next book to come out in a couple of months and who knows, maybe more of my recipes will be published and my collection can keep on growing.


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Hiya! I’m Jules and I am the Weekend Housewife… I am a graphic designer during the hours of 9-5 during the week and the rest of my time is spent being a mommy, a wife, a cook and baker, a memory keeper and photographer and a crafter.

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