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Summer 2016 Challenge: Day 1

The Weekend Housewife - Summer 2016 Blogging Challenge

I know what you’re saying, “where have you been since last November?” Weeelllll….. I have been busy doing other things and I know, what could be more important than blogging, right? But real life has thrown some major curve balls this year and in time I will touch upon them all. Good things, sad things, and bad things that could have been much, much worse things! I am still trying to be upbeat and hopeful that there still is a lot of good left in the year.

However, I couldn’t miss out on my annual summer blogging challenge, where I blog daily for 30 days straight. New stories being told as they happen, older memories being shared, recipes, crafts, you name it, I blog about it! Hard to believe that this is my 3rd year in a row (and I did a Christmas Challenge too!) and I have said it before, it’s a tough one but I am always so happy when I look back at the end. If you want you can see all my past blogging challenge posts HERE & HERE & HERE!

So please join me as I begin the Summer 2016 Challenge, and please leave me comments! It helps keep me going and if you leave a blog link, I will visit you back! Much love & hugs my friends!

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