Pre-K Science – Bouncing Egg

(Day #26: 30-Day Blog Challenge) Shawn loves to do science experiments and I will gather up a theme (or sometimes just a bunch of random experiments) and we spend an entire afternoon doing them. We did this and a bunch of other egg experiments last winter on one of the many snow days he had [&hellip [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - Preschool Science Experiments - Bouncing Egg

Right Now…

(Day #25: 30-Day Blog Challenge) Right Now… it is 5:45am and I technically don’t need to be up until 7am. I think I am going to have a harder time with mornings once school starts again than Shawn will. I don’t have a “normal” wake up time this summer. I am up anywhere [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - Weekend Lens

An Intro into Digital Scrapbooking

(Day #24: 30-Day Blog Challenge) Seeing as though a lot of my friends have questions about digital scrapbooking, I figured that I would just do a post about it. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to answer them. 🙂 I want to […] [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - Digital Scrapbooking - Sweet Shoppe Designs

A Date With My Favorite Boy

(Day #23: 30-Day Blog Challenge) Last weekend Shawn spent time with his Nana & Papa, while Michael and I had a date night. Seeing as though this weekend was wide open without any plans, (plus Michael was working anyway), I planned a whole day for just Shawn and I. We had a date of our […] [read more]

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