Picture Halloween: Kids in Their Costumes

Where we live there is never a guarantee for good weather on Halloween, so some years we get good photographs of the kids in their costumes and others not so much. I have learned that it is ok to take photographs early (or even late if need be) of them all dressed up. They are also […] [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - 13 Days of Halloween - Picture Halloween: Photographing Kids in their Costumes

Halloween Crafts: A Spooky Fabric Ghost

Each year we try to make a couple new decorations for the house and this year we decided on these cute fabric ghosts. I have a couple that I purchased over the years but I wanted to make some of our own too. They were surprisingly easy to make too. We made 3 ghosts in […] [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - 13 Days of Halloween - Fabric Ghost with Starch

Chatterbug College: October Homework

“Not being able to sleep this one night a few years back during Halloween, I twisted and turned in bed and turning toward the hallway I noticed a dim light coming from the kitchen. Rising from my bed I decided to walk to the kitchen and see what could have possibly turned the light dimmer [&hellip [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - 13 Days of Halloween - Chatterbug College Homework Assignment

Our Favorite Halloween Movies

During the month of October, we watch our favorite Halloween movies. As a parent to a young child, your television entertainment is usually kid friendly, so nothing that we watch is overly scary. I personally love to watch scary movies but I don’t usually get to watch many during our 13 Days o [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - 13 days of Halloween - Favorite Children's Halloween Movies
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