The Pasta Train

The Summer Challenge: Day 17 For about the past year Shawn has watched a PBS program called The Design Squad. It’s a great show that teaches kids about science and engineering; which is totally up Shawn’s alley. This kid lives, breathes, and sleeps anything involving building, engineeri [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - PBS The Design Squad - Pasta Car Challenge

A Creative Christmas: Chunky Yarn Snowballs

Day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas These snowballs are probably one of the easiest crafts that I have ever made. They take no time at all and look great afterward! Use them as filler in a bowl or large vase; the decorating possibilities are endless. I like to put mine in a cute snowman […] [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - Countdown to Christmas - Chunky Yarn Snowballs

Halloween Crafts: A Spooky Fabric Ghost

Each year we try to make a couple new decorations for the house and this year we decided on these cute fabric ghosts. I have a couple that I purchased over the years but I wanted to make some of our own too. They were surprisingly easy to make too. We made 3 ghosts in […] [read more]

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The Weekend Housewife - 13 Days of Halloween - Fabric Ghost with Starch

Playing Catch Up

This summer has been flying right by and I am trying to fit in as much as we can before Shawn starts Pre-K at the beginning of September. I am trying to spend a little less time on the computer, so I haven’t been posting, visiting, Facebook-ing as much because we have so much going […] [read more]

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