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(Day #19: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

The Weekend Housewife - Chatterbug Postcard Exchange

The online group that I belong to, Chatterbugs did a postcard exchange with some of the members and over the past few weeks it has been fun getting some actual mail. Everyday I would come home and look in the mailbox to see if a card was sitting there waiting for me. I’ve gotten postcards from California, Florida, Maryland, NYC and as far away as Germany! I think that this is the farthest postcard that I have ever gotten. (It just came yesterday in the mail too!)

I sent everyone postcards from Lockport and along with my Chatterbug College Homework, I did my Hometown Blog Series to tell everyone about my town. It’s been a fun couple of weeks and I am kind of saddened that I won’t have anymore cards coming in the mail. However everything must come to an end sometime. 🙂 I am glad that I can add some new cards to my collection though.

3 thoughts on “Chatterbug Postcard Exchange

  1. Kim

    Yes, I agree with Marge! I’m looking forward to the Christmas Card exchange. It was such a huge success last year. Now that we have more friends, it will be an even bigger success. I hope.

  2. Kori

    It’s very refreshing to get mail that isn’t a bill or some kind of advertisement. I think it’s why I like Christmas so much. 🙂

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