Christmas Recipe: Christmas Stove Top Potpourri

Day 5 of 25 Days of Christmas

The Weekend Housewife - Countdown to Christmas - Christmas Stove Top Potpourri

Christmas is one of those seasons with so many great scents and this one is a favorite of mine. I like to make up a pot of this and let it simmer on the stove while decorating or even just cleaning the house. It’s simple to make and takes very little effort, so mix some up today and enjoy this holiday scent!

1/2 cup fresh cranberries
1 orange (cut into slices)
2-4 cinnamon sticks (broken into pieces)
1 T. cloves
1/8 t. nutmeg
3-5 sprigs of fresh Thyme
3-4 cups of water

Combine all ingredients in a pot and simmer over low heat for as long as desired. When the water starts to get low, just add more water to the pot.

The Weekend Housewife - 25 Days of Christmas - Graphic ©Whispy Hollow Graphics (No Longer Online)This is part of the 25 Days of Christmas Series here at The Weekend Housewife. Join me for 25 glorious days of Christmas recipes, crafts, activities, photo prompts and tips and a lot more! 

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    1. Jules Post author

      Susan, I had it simmering for a few hours and it still smelled really good. I needed to add water a couple times too.

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