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The Summer Challenge: Day 11

The Weekend Housewife - How to Keep Your Home Clean in 20 Minutes a Day

I am often asked how I “do it all” because between working, Shawn, Michael, the house, and all the fun stuff we do, it seems as though I have an extra 10 hours a day. This is obviously not the case and nor do I own a time machine. 😉 I have simply found a system that works for us and our lifestyle. It’s not perfect and neither is my house. You may pop over someday and it will look like someone had broken in and tore the house to bits. It’s just how it goes…

When Shawn was younger (not that 6 1/2 is that old either), I had a difficult time keeping the house clean but that comes with having younger kids. I wish I had thought of this 20 Minutes a Day thing years ago because it would have saved me from late nights or full days cleaning the house.

When it comes to cleaning the house in 20 minutes a day, I am not talking about scrubbing the bathtub, the bedrooms, and every nook and cranny. I am talking about the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. Save all the other stuff for another time because with this system, you will have more time to do the other things without taking 6+ hours to clean the house. I only spend an extra 2 hours cleaning each week for the other things that need to be done.

After I put Shawn to bed at night, I set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes and then I look like a crazy woman! I can clean my entire downstairs in 20 minutes and you will be amazed at what you can get done during that time too.

1st: I run through the house picking up anything that can be thrown away. I run through the kitchen, dining room, computer room and living room downstairs.

2nd: I make a pile on the stairs of items that need to be put away upstairs. I don’t run back and forth to put it all away. I make a pile and as I am heading upstairs I take it with me and put it away before going to bed/or computer time.

3rd: I sweep or vacuum the floors. It depends on the night and how messy the house is on whether or not I have time for this. However, it does get done a couple times a week. (I am not going for perfection here, just something to ease the pain of spending hours cleaning on the weekends.)

4th: I wipe down the kitchen counters, empty recycling bin, and pick up anything that’s been left laying around.

It truly is AMAZING how long 20 minutes is when you’re trying to cram in as much as you can. I have even folded a load of laundry on top of everything else. There are times where I must admit it may take me and extra 10 minutes of cleaning to catch up if I have slacked off for a couple days. No one’s perfect! 🙂

I know that since I started doing this quite a few weeks ago, I am happier when I get up in the morning and see a clean and picked up house as we head off to work/school. Plus, I have found that after doing this for even a few days in a row, that I am actually LOOKING for stuff to clean during that 20 minutes! I don’t stop early, I just go clean something that I didn’t think I would get to until the weekend. Go through that stack of papers or a drawer you’ve been meaning to clean out. Trust me, this works and it can work for you too!

I also do a couple other things each day to make keeping up with the housework easier too. I make out beds each morning. This just helps keep the house look tidy first thing in the morning.

I clean and pick up the bathroom each morning while getting ready. I wash down the sink and put stuff away.

Every little bit helps and when you do it smaller chunks of time, it doesn’t become this huge project that takes up all your time on the weekends. It has allowed me to have so much more time to do the stuff I want to do!


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