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A couple of weeks ago my dad’s company had their annual company picnic and this year they decided to have it at a local theme park, Fantasy Island. I remember going there as a kid summer after summer until we basically outgrew it. Fantasy Island is typically more geared towards the younger children but over the most recent years have started to get more adult/older children rides and attractions. The one thing that makes Fantasy Island different is that they have live stage shows throughout the park – with their Wild West Shootout being their trademark show. The actors all get dressed up and the perform different shows throughout the day and are very interactive with the audience and really like to make the adults look silly (while having a blast). I remember as a kid my Uncle Ken was helping this “traveling salesman” and it was hilarious to watch him up on the stage and of course I remember my sister Jenn get attacked by a goose during lunch (serves her right for stealing my pumpkin, right? lol). We always looked forward to seeing the characters dressed up and getting to meet “the sheriff in Western Town”, Mother Goose or even the wacky characters like the “Rainmaker”. Michael used to go as a child too and has the same wonderful memories that I have.

Up until this year Shawn refused to go on any rides at the fairs/carnivals so I was hoping since all his cousins were going, that he would go on a few too. Wow did he surprise us all! He couldn’t wait to get on the rides and even went on some that the other older cousins were too afraid of. I rode on a hot air balloon ride with him that spun us in circles, while launching us up and down and Michael went on a school bus ride that took them up and down. The adults did get to ride a couple of rides – I myself went on the roller coaster with my dad and Michael went on the ride pictured above with my sister Jenn. (They are the 2 people right in the front near the bottom. Jenn has a grey shirt on and Michael has a cream colored shirt). I had to laugh because there were times when Michael had this eyes closed, lol.

It was the perfect day – not too hot and not too cold so we weren’t sweating like crazy and could really enjoy the park. I was thrilled that Shawn has gotten over his fear of riding on things and that we all got to spend some quality time together – all the while making new Fantasy Island memories for Shawn to remember as he grows up. I can’t wait till next year!

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  1. Toni

    Happy Friday Jules;

    No way would you catch me on that ride in the photo. I stay away from anything that leaves the ground. 😀 Have a lovely day and weekend my friend. Hugs

  2. Danna Davis

    Is that the way kids are? One minute one way and then the other. I am glad that Shaun enjoyed the day and the rides. My Kari always loved the rides. We went to Silverwood this summer in Idaho and she went right for the roller coasters. Riley went too… but I think he didn’t like riding a roller coaster as much as he thought (of course she took him on the biggest one there too). Brady is more like me… nothing to scarey… life is scarey enough. Right?

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