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Summer 2016 Challenge: Day 7

The Weekend Housewife - Our Pets

We had decided this past winter that we wanted to get another cat to add to our zoo. You’d think with the 2 dogs and 2 cats we already had, that the inn would be full but Michael kept wanting a kitten for Shawn to “grow up” with. We had visited a couple shelters in the area but none of the cats we looked at seemed to fit with what we wanted. Until one day in April…

I was at work when Michael sent me a text with a picture of a kitten and asked if I wanted to meet her. He was at a customer’s home and the lady worked for a shelter and was fostering this very sweet 5 week old female kitten. Of course I said YES! The next day we stopped into the shelter, filled out the paperwork, and we got to bring her home. I was overjoyed and a bit nervous. It has been 12 years since we had a kitten in the house! Jack is 12 years old and Moo came to us as a 1 1/2 year old.

The Weekend Housewife - Our Pets

We decided to name her Penny and I gave her the middle name of “Lane” since I am a Beatles fan after all. 🙂 Shawn is over the moon in love with her, which is good because Jack won’t let him come any where near him and Moo is selective about when you can pet her. She’s very sweet but still skittish and runs away if you try to catch her.

The Weekend Housewife - Our Pets

She bonded right away with Jack (and who wouldn’t? He’s such a great cat!) and snuggles with him any chance she gets. I was quite worried about the two of them because Jack fights with Moo occasionally but these two never fight. They play and are comical to watch! It has taken Moo months before she would even allow Penny to come anywhere near her without hissing. Eventually, she has gotten over herself.

The Weekend Housewife - Our Pets

These two both love to hang out in the cat tree in the front living room windows. They will lay up there for hours watching the birds in the feeder and bushes and the squirrels scampering through the yard.

The Weekend Housewife - Our Pets

I am so glad that we found our newest family member and couldn’t imagine life without her. Even if we do call her “the terrorist” because she terrorizes us all night long and ends up locked in the bathroom so we can sleep. lol

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  1. Cheryl

    Such a sweetie! How can you go wrong with the name “Penny Lane”? Our kids always had their own pets with their personalities. Kristen had “Tiger” a tiger cat. When she packed for UT we thought she might sneak him in. Jennifer had “Miss Beep” a little Manx we rescued. Jen held a manners school for her as she would kitty swear. Brian had Fred a black terrier we rescued. They shared tennis balls. Brian would mark them F and B. Amy had “Itty Bit” a yellow tabby effectionally called “Boogie” . He loved to jump up any door after a flashlight beam or shadow.
    I hope Shawn has years of fun with Penny. Dave loves her even though they have never met. The cat he grew up with was named Penny : )

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