Mmmm…. Fresh Peach Pie!

(Day #29: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

The Weekend Housewife - Baking Peach Pie Recipe It’s no secret that I love to bake. Like really, really, REALLY love to bake. I just wish that I didn’t really love to eat everything that I bake and because honestly, the heat from the oven makes my pants shrink. 😉 Really, it’s the heat and not the fact that I eat too much of it. You might just have to take my word on this…

I purchased a bunch of peaches with no idea of what I was going to make with them. Maybe peach ice cream… sounded good! What about a peach cobbler? Or how about peach cupcakes? (everyone knows about my love affair with cupcakes!) Nope. I wanted to bake something that I had never made before. I settled on a peach pie. Believe it or not, I had never made a pie before (cakes, cookies and other desserts I have made but never a pie). You can view all of the baked goods that I have made and posted HERE! (which doesn’t even come close to how many I have made and never posted!)

The Weekend Housewife - Baking Peach Pie Recipe

I hopped on Pinterest and found the most delicious peach pie I could find and set out to make it. After a minor error of me placing the pie in the oven with 1/2 the ingredients missing in the filling (what was I thinking?!) and having to rip apart the crust, emptying out the filling to mix in the rest and then remaking the lattice top, it came out of the oven perfectly.

About the lattice top: I really wanted to do it (even with it being my 1st pie) because it’s so pretty and I think it makes a pie look amazing. I have always “heard” that it was difficult to do and I found that to be very untrue. Shawn actually helped and did about half of it himself! That’s how easy it was to make. The site where I got the recipe from, has a link to how to do it with photos explaining it all. You can view that HERE if you’re interested.

The Weekend Housewife - Baking Peach Pie Recipe

I think I now have found a new favorite thing to bake. It’s so quick and easy and didn’t require a sink full of dishes like some other things that I have baked. It was so sweet and the peaches still soft and juicy. I wish that I could have an ever lasting pie to just eat every day. Michael took a couple slices into work and it got gobbled up quickly. I found the recipe HERE at Natasha’s Kitchen and I definitely give it 2 thumbs up! Yumm!

8 thoughts on “Mmmm…. Fresh Peach Pie!

  1. Toni

    I love how Shawn helps you bake. I could almost taste that delicious looking and I bet yummy tasting pie. I’m more of a cake and cookies baker but every once in awhile I will make pies for the holidays. I think I only made a lattice top crust twice in my lifetime. Hugs 🙂

  2. Judy

    Jules, that looks soooooo good! I LOVE making pies! Normally, we have a birthday pie instead of birthday cake – that’s how much we love them. Ok…now I can officially tell my hubby that it’s not that I’ve been eating too many baked goods that have caused my pants to get a little – ummm – tight, but it’s the heat from the oven shrinking them! LOL! I should have figured that one out! So thank you for helping me to find this out, & I’ll gladly point him to your blog to prove it! lol. It’s great that you let Shawn help. I let my kids help in the kitchen too, & we built great memories in there!

    Yes, take pics next time Shawn & his cousins play hide & seek! Before you know it, they’ll be good hiders. I am so glad that I have these memories in photos. Can’t wait to see yours.

    Have a blessed weekend Jules. Hugs!

  3. Kim

    Happy Friday, Jules! Your pie is making my mouth water. I’ve never had peach pie though. I’ve had peach cake which is so good! Oh my gosh is it good! Have you ever had it? Anyhow, you did a phenomenal job! Have a fantastic day! Lots of hugs! BTW,if you were serious about the train show, they did mention on the paper that they do private showings. Just let me know and I will call them to find out what they require for it. I’m sure it’s a big donation. lol

    1. Jules Post author

      Hi Kim, I would love to come and a part of me was very serious about it. 🙂 I don’t think we could do it this year but it’s a possibility for next year. I have never had peach cake but I hear it is delicious!!

  4. Kori

    I wish there was a scratch and sniff option for computers, because I would be all up on my computer right now, lol. I confess though, I’m more of a crust person than a whole piece of pie person. Except Pumpkin pie, that I’ll eat all of. Shawn looks so cute with his apron!

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