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The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - The Palace Theater

(Day #3: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

This post is the 1st in a series about the town that I have called home for the past 34 years; Lockport, NY. Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with Lockport, but honestly I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. There are a lot of interesting things here and in all of Western New York with Niagara Falls only 30 minutes away, downtown Buffalo, some of the best theaters in the country and a million other little things in between. This post is about Lockport’s very own Palace Theater.

The Palace Theater opened on Saturday July 17, 1925 and was ranked as one of the finest playhouses in existence. It was the largest and grandest theater in the country when it opened. There are huge and beautiful murals painted above the stage and on the sides. and the center mural depicts literature seated at her throne, with music on the right and tragedy on the left side of the theatre depicts “Spring Song” and the one to the right “Playtime.” Over it all is the beautiful old gold dome with its 150 lights. The side murals are also lighted in three tones. (information from The Palace’s website)

The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - Lockport, NY

On a side note: Lucille Ball was a frequent attendee and had her own box seat. (Lucille Ball grew up and lived only 2 hours away from Lockport. I have another post coming about her as well. 🙂 )

As a child we used to go to the Palace Theater frequently to see regular movies and the occasional dance recital or something but over the years they have really brought back the live performances. They have their own theater school and production company called Curtain Up Productions. We have taken Shawn to see many plays there and I hope he has the same fond memories that I have. We have seen Seusical the Musical, Scrooge, and others but the most recent was last weekends performance of Peter Pan. 

It was a wonderful production and Shawn got a plastic Captain Hook’s hook (which will be added to his ever growing collection of pirate dress up clothes) and it certainly wasn’t like the Disney version of Peter Pan. The choreography and singing was amazing and they put on a great show. In September they are doing The Wizard of Oz in honor of the movie’s 75th Anniversary. This will be a show that I simply can’t miss!

The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - Lockport, NY The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - Lockport, NY

The Hometown Blog Series goes along with a postcard exchange with my Chatterbug blog friends. I thought it would be nice to show everyone more about my town and the interesting things that we are known for. Come back to see more highlights about my hometown and even some other interesting things about my area.

The photos that I have used were not taken by me and I claim no copyright to them.

6 thoughts on “The Palace Theater (Hometown Series)

  1. Toni

    What a beautiful theater Jules. Brings back memories of the Lowe’s Paradise Theather on Grand Concourse in the Bronx. I’m so enjoying the histories of the hometowns of our Chatterbug group so far. I’m glad Shawn is getting to see the shows that are presented there too. He too is growing up with memories he’ll keep to pass on. Have a lovely day ahead dear friend. Hugs

  2. Judy

    Wow! What a neat theater Jules! I loved reading about all your memories of it, & it’s wonderful that you are making memories for Shawn there. Your town sounds so great, & I can’t wait to read more. Is this your homework??? I’m so happy to be a part of Chatterbug College! Hugs

  3. Kori

    We have a Palace Theatre here in Albany as well, though I don’t think it looks quite as majestic as that one. Hope that you enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. Kim

    Hi Jules! Palace Theater, wow, what an amazing place! We have nothing like that where I live. The city has the Hippodrome theater and I hear it’s nice but I know it’s nothing like that. It’s just big, modern with overpriced tickets. lol Your theater is just beautiful! Looks like Lockport has done a beautiful job of maintaining it as well.

    Btw, didn’t someone famous play there a lot or write about it? I know I know it from somewhere.


    Ps. MaryJanes Farm is an awesome magazine! It’s about gardening, organic cooking, quilting and crafting.

    1. Jules Post author

      Kim, I am not sure! I will have to see if I can do some research about it and find out. Thanks for the link to the magazine. I will have to check it out. 🙂

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