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The Summer Challenge: Day 27

The Weekend Housewife - How to Get Kids To Read More

At the end of the last school year I knew that I needed to find a way to encourage Shawn to read more. While we do read every single night (1-4 books depending on how the night goes), Shawn would always complain when it was his turn to read a book. After browsing Pinterest for some ideas, I saw the idea of creating a “gumball machine” and the kids fill it up with a “gumball” when they read a book. (Sorry for the yucky photo. I took it super quick with my phone before we snuggled in to read tonight.)

When I told Shawn about this idea he was all for it, and he made it all on his own. It wasn’t exactly how I envisioned making it (the perfectionist in me wanted something awesome looking), but he was proud of it and it gets the job done. It’s what matters in the long run. I promised Shawn that if he could fill the machine by the end of summer he will get a surprise. What that surprise is, I don’t know yet. lol

Since summer is about 1/2 over, Shawn has read so many books! Some are easy, some are harder but he’s read them all. He’s getting quite good at it and can read a couple words at a time, instead of each.single.word. I am so proud of him and now he’s no longer complaining about having to read. He is really enjoying it!

Here are just a couple of Shawn’s favorite books to read right now:
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1. Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch

2. Silly Milly

3. A Cars Christmas

4. Chase is on the Case

5. Pit Crew Pups

We rotate through books often and buy new ones regularly because it keeps him interested and engaged to read new stuff. We also don’t read only fiction books. Science, animals, and other non story books get read too.

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