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(Day #25: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

Right Now… it is 5:45am and I technically don’t need to be up until 7am. I think I am going to have a harder time with mornings once school starts again than Shawn will. I don’t have a “normal” wake up time this summer. I am up anywhere between 5-7am and I need to try really hard to be consistent for the next couple of weeks.

Right Now… We have been trying hard to prepare Shawn for Kindergarten. We’ve been talking about the reoccurring bad behaviors from last school year and saying “Preschoolers rolled on the floor at circle time. Do Kindergartners roll on the floor? No, Kindergartners sit in their spot and listen.” I hope that it helps some. He’s not a bad kid in school, he just wasn’t used to so much structure when he went to Pre-K, so he couldn’t sit still most of the time.

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Right Now… I am glad that Shawn is growing up with a mommy that loves to play in the rain. I get right out there with him and run, jump and splash in all of the puddles. However this weekend, it only sprinkled (it rained harder later on), so I let him turn the hose on and we played in the water. He took part of the downspout off the house and was using it as a ramp for his cars. (Also don’t mind my neighbor’s grass. They never cut it. ugh)

The Weekend Housewife - Weekend Lens

Right Now… I am listening to Christmas music. It’s August. Don’t judge me but it is relaxing to me and I love it. “Giddy up jingle horse, pick up your feet…”

Right Now… I hear Michael leaving for work this morning. I am trying to prepare myself for what is to come with this job. He works in a service position for a large stove & chimney company in the area and as it is he’s working 50+ hours right now. It’s going to be going up to 60+ real soon. I don’t even want to know how miserable he’s going to be. He loves his job though and he’s been with the company since May and they’ve been really good to him.

Right Now… I am trying hard not to think of the stuff I need to get done today at work. Honestly, Friday was a non-ambitious kind of day and I am going to pay for it today.

Right Now… I am happy that I had a very good weekend. I am glad that it was laid back and even though I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to yesterday, I am fine with it.

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Right Now… (This photo was from our Mommy & Me date on Saturday) I am thinking of how much Shawn has come along with his food sensory issues. It took us forever to get him to try ice cream and he has liked it ever since. Thankfully because it’s good and I hated him to miss out on ice cream. lol

Right Now…  I am really looking forward to Fall and I am loving the cooler temps we are having right now. I know most people disagree with me but summer and I just have hate feelings toward each other. I love everything that summer has to offer but I usually don’t feel too good all summer long. The bright sun, heat, and humidity do a number on me and end up feeling yucky with a headache.

Right Now… I am very grateful that Michael came back home to drop off my keys that I had left in his truck. Whoops! Thankfully he noticed them sitting there!

The Weekend Housewife - Weekend Lens

Right Now… I am loving that Shawn is wanting to be out there and take photos with me. Last night after his bath he insisted that we grab our cameras and stand in the front yard to capture the sunset. He looks so serious about it too.

6 thoughts on “Right Now…

  1. Kim

    Christmas music sounds great to me. 🙂 I’m actually finally ready for autumn as well. I find myself eagerly awaiting Labor day so I can put out our autumn decor the next day. lol Normally, I can’t stand summer either but after the brutal winter we had, I welcomed summer. Of course, this summer was so mild that it was really quite perfect. How awesome that you get out there and play in the rain with Shawn. I go outside all the time and just stand in the rain, Dave thinks I’m nuts. lol Adorable pictures as always! 🙂

  2. Jeanne

    That picture with the grass on Shawn’s feet in the rain is great! This is about the time my sister pulls out the Christmas music too. 🙂 I also love fall but our summer has been pretty mild. I’m afraid it’s going to a cold one!

  3. Susan

    Hi Jules, How exciting to see that Shawn will start kinder. My grand daughter just started. It is the time to prep them for the future years. I am sure Shawn will do great! He looks so cute looking taking a picture. We don’t get fall until late October so we still have several weeks of hot weather. All my fall items are packed in storage. I do love Christmas.

  4. Melanie

    I’m right there with you on your summer thoughts. I basically hibernate in the summer here in Florida. I don’t come alive again until that first crisp morning hits in the fall. Have a great day.

  5. Kori

    Jingle around the clock .. If I could have a room just for Christmas, I would. And I’m with you on the fall coming. I don’t mind summer too much, but I could do without blaring heat and humidity. I do hope that Shawn does well in Kindergarten 🙂 hope that you have a great day Jules!

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