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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This couldn’t be more true! As a promise to Michael and to Shawn this year, I said I would not overschedule us and we would spend more time at home. Which we have been but because I just can’t stay at home every weekend, we have gone on a few trips over the past couple of months. For those that follow me on Facebook, I am sure you have seen quick iPhone pictures of us traveling in the car and eventually, I will share with you all the photos from our trips. (Some of which I have shared, like the Butterfly Conservatory in Ontario Canada)

Most recently, we drove 4 hours away to a charming little town of Cooperstown, NY for Father’s Day. It was so pretty with really old houses, the lake, cute outdoor cafes and of course, the main attraction, The Baseball Hall of Fame. We are not huge baseball fans but there is nothing more Americana than baseball and it has such a rich history that I felt we should see it. I have a passion for history (and museums), so this was pure joy for me. Shawn is such a great traveler and gets the biggest kick out of doing stuff like this, so we packed up our vehicle and took off for the day.

The Baseball Hall of Fame was awesome! It was very well put together and I loved how they made parts of it feel as though you were actually in 1945 (or whatever time period you were in at the time). It’s hard to believe some of the memorabilia that they have saved; like wow – Michael had better never complain about the stuff I pack away! lol The photo above is from the Women in Baseball section and this was the part I was most interested in. Think Geena Davis in A League of Their Own (and yes, they had stuff from the movie in there too!) It was very inspiring to see how these women stepped up and started playing like the men and how it paved the way for girls today in sports. It was certainly worth the 8 hours of driving we did that day! If you ever get the chance to go, I would recommend it – even if you aren’t really into baseball.

We have been planning some other trips this year as well. One of which is going to Texas! Depending on the price of the airfare (I hate flying and have only done it once before), we will be driving. I LOVE to drive, I love to see everything along the way and of course, think of all the photos I can take! It would be a 22 hour drive from Buffalo, NY to Dallas, TX but I am up for it! Part of me hopes that the airfare price doesn’t go down so we can drive. (Shhh… Don’t tell Michael I said that!) Besides the thrill of the possibility of driving to Texas, I am excited to get farther west than Columbus, Ohio. Growing up, we never did any traveling and I didn’t go any further than 1 hour from my home, in any direction. Once I went away to college (3 1/2 hours away), I realized how awesome traveling is and I haven’t stopped since. We have driven up and down the entire East Coast, with the exception of Maine, Georgia & Florida.


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