Throwback Thursday: Our Tea Party

(Day #21: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

Finding those old photos to share every Thursday. :)

I originally had a completely different post ready for this week’s Throwback Thursday but after coming across these photographs, I just knew that I had to share them. Growing up we (my sisters and I) would spend a lot of time at my grandparent’s house. My grandma was really into the Victorian Era and I just fell in love with it too. When I was 11 or 12 years old I told my grandma that I wanted to host a tea party (you can thank all of the Samantha American Girl books that I had read) the next time that I came for a visit.

It was summertime, so my sister Jennifer and I (my other sister was too little) went for our 2 week trip to grandma’s house and my cousin Marie was staying there as well. Grandma invited her friend Debbie to attend the tea party too. We made little snacks, cakes, cookies, etc. and served actual tea. We all dressed up in dresses and were proper young ladies for the afternoon.

The Weekend Housewife - Childhood Memories

It was SO much fun and my grandpa got a kick out of it and it is one of my most fondest memories of my childhood. (From L>R: Me, Debbie, Jennifer, Grandma & Marie)

The Weekend Housewife - Childhood Memories

This photo is showing off the neat hat that Debbie made for the tea party and grandma made us girls bows for our hair too. Debbie was always such a crafty woman and anytime that we would stop in and see her she always had a craft for us to make. I haven’t seen her in many years but I have a lot of childhood memories that involve her. She brought me a hostess gift she made (Victorian themed of course) and I still have it somewhere.

On another note but related: be prepared for a lot of these posts to come. I am going through a difficult time with the fact that my grandma will be moving into a “home” within the next 6 months and I am trying hard to stay strong during this time. My days of going to visit my grandma, in the house that my grandpa built with his own two hands is very limited. I have a lot of wonderful memories of my childhood and writing/ blogging/ scrapbooking etc. is how I cope. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Our Tea Party

  1. Kori

    I’ve always loved the Victorian Era too, there’s something so magical and lovely about it, I think. I loved reading this post, Jules. Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory with us.

  2. Melanie

    What a neat idea! I’ve always wanted to have a tea party. How special for girls to get together for one. The closest I’ve gotten as been tea at the Grand Floridian resort at Disney World. It was very nice and elegant. Have a lovely day.

  3. Toni

    Hi Jules; It’s always hard to see someone you love have to go into a home. I have a favorite aunt I grew up with who doesn’t know any of us anymore in a home in Florida. We were more like buddies instead of aunt and niece. I miss her but still have wonderful memories to fall back on. You have such wonderful memories of your grandmother. What great photos and memories you have to cherish with your grandmother. I love the photos of the afternoon tea party. You are truly blessed to have that. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  4. Susan

    Hi Jules, losing someone you love is so hard. I know because I have lost my grandparents and my parents. Losing my mom from Alzheimers was rough, but I had time to grieve. Losing my dad so quickly was so devastating for me and I was depressed for months. I had to see a grief counselor. Journaling helped. I am glad you are scrapping your memories. Hugs and blessings.

  5. Judy

    Ummm….Jules, I don’t know why I called you Kim. LOL! But I do know you are Jules, & I know that I was at your blog. Call it late night brain fog. lol

  6. Judy

    Hi Kim! I’m finally caught up with posts here after getting so busy this past week. I loved your tea party post. You are blessed that you have these photos & such wonderful memories of your grandma. I’m sorry that this is a difficult time for you. Our ties to the past are such an important part of life. Change can be so hard to accept. Thankfully, our memories allow us to revisit these times anytime we wish. I’ll keep you in prayer.

    Loved your fair photos! I sure wish I had some of the cherry dessert! And Shawn on the swings. I will never forget riding those as a child! Scared me too death! I also didn’t realize that they went up so high. Never again! Lol.

    Loved your garden post! I would love to have a garden! Your scrapbook page on it was so beautiful! I enjoyed all your post (as always). Loved catching up here. Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

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