Throwback Thursday – Jillian

Summer 2016 Challenge: Day 10The Weekend Housewife - Throwback Thursday - Jillian

I was going through some photos today and I came across these snapshots of Jillian when she was a puppy. We decided to get a puppy when we returned from our honeymoon in 2006. It’s so hard to believe that she was that tiny and that 10 years has gone by already! She had the biggest ears! She eventually grew into them. 🙂

The Weekend Housewife - Throwback Thursday - Jillian

You can also tell that my photography skills have dramatically increased since this time too. Haha!

The Weekend Housewife - Throwback Thursday - Jillian

She is such a sweet girl and is very loving and gentle (unless you come near her yard and then she barks up a storm. lol)

The Weekend Housewife - Throwback Thursday - Jillian

And look at her now! She’s a small White German Shepard and we are just so glad that she’s part of our family.

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  1. Toni

    Great Throwback Thursday photos Jules. Jillian is a beauty. I think I’ve only seen a white German Shepard once. Have a lovely evening ahead my friend. Hugs

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