Throwback Thursday – Lockport (Hometown Series)

(Day #7: 30-Day Blog Challenge)

Finding those old photos to share every Thursday. :)

The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - Lockport, NY Union Station

This is the Union Station in Lockport. It was built in 1889 for the New York Central Railroad and in the late 1940’s the station closed and reopened over 20 years later as a restaurant. In 1974 it was destroyed by a fire, only to be rebuilt and destroyed again by fire in 1978. It’s been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and hasn’t been torn down; nor has it been renovated. So far anyone looking for Federal grants to restore it have been turned down. Hopefully some day it can be returned to the beautiful structure it once was.

This photo was taken in the late 1800’s and the photo below is what it looks like today. It’s actually not that far from downtown Lockport and it really is a shame that no one has been able to get any funding to restore it. It’s a neat piece of Lockport’s history and maybe in time something awesome will happen to it.

The Weekend Housewife - Hometown Series - Lockport, NY Union Station

The Hometown Blog Series goes along with a postcard exchange with my Chatterbug blog friends. I thought it would be nice to show everyone more about my town and the interesting things that we are known for. Come back to see more highlights about my hometown and even some other interesting things about my area.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Lockport (Hometown Series)

  1. Kim

    Hi Jules! It’s so sad to see what has happened to Union Station. Could you imagine restoring it and making it a museum or even a store of some sort. What a remarkable landmark. I hope they do restore it!

    Sorry I’ve been quiet in FB. It’s been quite the busy week, which is also why I haven’t been able to visit every day.

    Hope you’re having a great Friday! Lots of hugs!

  2. Judy

    Kim, it made me so sad to see that beautiful building, & then to see it now. What a shame! I will say it again – your town looks so interesting & so beautiful! Hugs

  3. Lori

    I love old pictures!! What a beautiful building. I am with you, I wish it would be restored. I love old beautiful buildings like that.
    Have a great evening!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  4. Susan

    Hi Jules. I hope they can restore it again. I need to see what old building they have in my town. I know I have passed them. Happy Thursday!

  5. Toni

    Oh what a shame to see a beautiful train station like that just falling apart 🙁 . But I guess a lot of them all around are going through the same thing. Thanks for sharing my friend. Hugs

  6. Kori

    How gorgeous it was, and still is for that matter. It’s sad when old buildings can’t be restored or aren’t restored, but at least they haven’t torn it down. That saddens me more than anything because it’s losing a piece of history. And usually to make way for something like a mini-mall or supermarket.

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