A Tornado in a Bottle

The Summer Challenge: Day 14

The Weekend Housewife - Science Project For Kids - Tornado in a Bottle

Back on our Science Day a couple weeks ago, Shawn and I tried our hands at making a Tornado in a Bottle. Talk about an easy experiment that we couldn’t keep our hands off. We even kept the bottle around for a couple weeks after before I decided it was time to empty it.

To make this simple experiment, all you need is some kind of clear container. A bottle, a mason jar with lid, or anything else you can see through. Fill the container to the top with water, pour in some regular dish soap, and close it up really tight. You then shake the container in a circular motion really fast and the tornado will appear.

We really had it going but it was hard to get some really great photos of it because it would disappear quickly. I did manage to get a short video of it too so you can see it in action.

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