The Tunnel Under the Erie Canal

The Summer Challenge: Day 21

The Weekend Housewife - Tunnel Under The Erie Canal - Medina NY

Last summer when I did my Hometown Series, featuring my hometown of Lockport, NY I did a post about the Erie Canal. Check it out because it really is quite neat to see! Not far from where I live (about a 20-30 minute drive) there is something very unique. There is actually a tunnel that goes UNDER the canal. Yes, you read that right. It goes under the water and you can drive through it. We’ve known about this for a long time but have never seen it. It’s not near anything that we really would go and see, but since we were out today (we like to to take weekend drives), we figured why not! This is actually in Ripley’s Believe It or Not too!

The Weekend Housewife - Tunnel Under The Erie Canal - Medina NY

We stopped right in the middle of the tunnel and there were small drops of water dripping on the windshield, and you could see water on the walls. It was pretty neat to see. Shawn of course missed most of this because he had fallen asleep in the car, and even though I tried to wake him up for it, he just wanted to keep on sleeping.

The Weekend Housewife - Tunnel Under The Erie Canal - Medina NY

Here’s a view from the top where the canal is. It’s pretty awesome that we drove right under all that water! If you’re wondering how that tunnel can handle all the weight of the water, it’s because the joints are kept tight due to the weight of the stones pressing against each other. There’s also a concrete liner over this stretch to prevent leaks.

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